Cryoport Elite™ Ultra Cold

Dry Ice Shipping System

Scientifically designed to deliver industry-leading hold times.

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    Hold Time

    140+ Hours


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    ISTA 7E


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    Condition Monitoring

    SmartpakIITM Active Data Monitoring


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    Customizable Payload Holding System


Cryoport Elite™ Ultra Cold Dry Ice Shipping Systems are scientifically engineered to exceed 140+ hold time hours and are rigorously validated for the cell and gene therapy industry. This shipping system will help to ensure the thermal and physical integrity of high-value commodities throughout transit. Contact our experts to discuss your needs.

Cryoport Elite Ultra Cold Shipper

Transport Cells with Certainty

  • Part of Cryoport Systems’ ISO 21973-compliant shipper fleet
  • Available in both General Purpose and Advanced Therapy Shipper  types
  • Offered sizes: 28L and 56L
  • Hold times exceed the industry standard to support international and challenging shipping lanes
  • Automated escalation and 24/7/365 customer service to monitor shipments and mitigate risk
  • Recessed handles, an outside security loop, interior payload security loops for serialized zip ties, and two-handed use for any openable component

Cryoport Elite Ultra Cold Key Features

Dimensions & Specifications


Cryoport Elite Ultra Cold Payload Holding System

Payload Holding Systems

  • Includes a standard-sized payload carrier and is fully customizable to meet various commodity needs (different volumes, geometries, and sizes)
  • Stainless steel material exhibits efficient thermal resistance, facilitating consistent cooling across all sides of the payload
  • Patent-pending payload holding system reduces movement during transit
  • Uses Veri-Clean®, Cryoport Systems’ validated cleaning and disinfection process, to decontaminate the payload holding system after every use

Interested in a custom payload holding system?

To discuss your specific requirements and explore how we can tailor the payload holding system to accommodate your needs, please reach out to our Consulting Services Packaging Design Team and Packaging Center of Excellence.